Why Palaver?

Palaver? Peh-lah-vur? Puh-lav-er? Why palaver? You might have asked yourself this question if you’ve stumbled upon my teensy little blog today.


To be honest…

I’ve asked myself this question a couple of times too in the past few days, when deciding what to call this thing that you are reading. What makes my blog worthwhile and unique?

Are you ready to find out?

The past few months have been very turbulent for everyone with an Internet connection. Every day we deal with a mix of media outlets all presenting various versions of a truth. For example…

  • Donald Trump, current US president, uses Twitter instead of press releases to speak his mind at any time he pleases (who else is awake at 5am to follow his rants?!)
  • Fake news messages spread like wildfire over platforms like Facebook and YouTube, making it virtually impossible to distinguish what is ‘real’ and what is ‘fake’ news.
  • More and more people getting their news updates on sites like Buzzfeed as opposed to official news sources.
  • Bloggers, vloggers and other ‘influencers’ now play an important part of shaping our minds and ideas.
  • And the list goes on…

In short; a lot is happening in our daily lives, and it’s happening on every spectrum of the media and cyberspace. Debates, discussions, dialogues, and empty talk fill our screens, timelines, and media day-in-day-out. What a palaver, one might say!



Tired of sifting through your timeline? 

Figuring out the meaning behind all these media messages is often a long and arduous process; it means sifting through a lot of advertisements, promotions, and useless fillers.

Moreover, our media are not geared towards finding sources and original tweets or articles. It is geared towards reference, towards quotations, and towards the popular opinion…

Have you ever tried scrolling through your timelines to find the original tweet, rather than the most retweeted tweet? I know I have rarely ever done so…and why would you make the effort when countless Buzzfeed has already paraphrased and summarised J.K. Rowling’s latest Twitter-roast on Donald Trump for you?


So why Palaver?

I am guilty myself for contributing my share of palaver to the world wide web; and ironically, starting this blog might prove to do the same.

Yet I believe there is a lack of commentary, of critical discourse on our daily dose of dialogue and discussions – and this blog will aim to fill that gap.

Be prepared for:

1. Witticisms and critical notes about Taylor Swift’s reputation.

2. A closer look at how media use words to convey meaning (aka why Kanye West is a lyrical genius).

3. Perhaps a language lesson or two. Onomatopoeia, anyone?

xoxo- Lisanne

“…Are you ready for it?”

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