A starter’s kit to TED: 5x talks to binge watch ASAP

Hello all,

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in my case, Glasgow, you cannot have missed it: Winter is here! Better still: for the first time in ages there’s been SNOW.

Most of Western Europe and the UK have been covered in a magical blanket of white, and, if you live in the Netherlands like most of my relatives do, this probably means that you’ve spent the last couple of days moaning about the lack of public transport to well…anywhere really.

Of course the Dutch will still cycle anywhere, regardless of the weather

Luckily wintery days are perfect for spending time indoors; whether its preparing your Christmas meal (yikes), doing some much needed work in the house (hello pile of clean-shirts-that-really-need-ironing) , or binge watching your favourite season of FRIENDS.

It is also the perfect opportunity to get sucked into something new, which is why I, based on my previous blogpost in which I talked about TED.com, have compiled the perfect binge worthy list of TED talks to get you started.

You’re welcome.

  1. Do Schools Kill Creativity? – Ken Robinson
    This TED talk is the most popular talk of all time, and for a good reason too! Ken Robinson eloquently and entertainingly explains the power of school systems and boldly questions education as we know it nowadays.
    Duration: 19 min
    Published: 2006
    Subtitles in Dutch? Yes.

  2. The Danger of a Single Story – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
    In this compelling TED talk, writer and feminist Adichie explains the concept of a single story, and why it is potentially harmful to the way we perceive things. A great talk that makes you reconsider stereotypes and where they come from.
    Duration: 19 min
    Published: 2009
    Subtitles in Dutch? Yes. 

    The Danger of a Single Story – Adichie
  3. Where are the baby dinosaurs? – Jack Horner
    Because we all have asked ourselves this question at some point in our lives.
    Duration: 19 min
    Published: 2011
    Subtitles in Dutch? Yes 
  4. How I Started Writing Songs Again – Sting
    Ever wondered how artists write songs? And what happens when the songs run out? Famous English singer Sting explains the gift of inspiration and takes you on a fascination journey through his childhood. And of course, he plays some songs too. Duration: 19 min (TED talk itself) + 4 min of Sting playing ‘Message in a Bottle’
    Published: 2014
    Subtitles in Dutch? YES 

    Bring a guitar and accompany your TED talk with music? Why not, if your name is Sting
  5. Why We Have to Few Women Leaders – Sheryl Sandberg
    Ever wondered why there is no female US president yet? Want to go beyond the #metoo movement and dive deeper into the gender dynamics that play a big part in why men are expected to take leadership roles? Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook explains. Plus: her book ‘Lean in’ is pretty interesting too.
    Duration: 15 min
    Published: 2010
    Subtitles in Dutch? Yes 

    Sheryl Sandberg during her talk on http://www.ted.com

    BONUS, just in: Justin Baldoni – Why I’m done trying to be “man enough”

(there is no such thing as enough feminism)

xoxo – Lisanne

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