Hi! My name is Lisanne and I am the writer/founder/editor of this blog. I started Palaver in October 2017 with the aim to create a virtual looking glass. An excuse to examine the various references, ideas, and news that pass my timelines every day. And there’s a lot of them! Hence the name. Palaver. Or idle talk, as dictionaries will tell you.

Have you ever wondered why we keep on scrolling through news feeds rather than reading one in-depth article?

Ever asked yourself how to recognise fake news?

Then keep reading my blog! As in the long haul I will strive to do answer all of the above.

What is Palaver:

Palaver is a blog focused on discussing the many discourses of contemporary Western popular culture.

This blog taps into the way we consume media and how this reflects on the way we discuss topics. Expect topics like #metoo, politics and others to pass the revue.

About the author:


Having studied literature, linguistics & rhetorics in undergrad in the Netherlands before emigrating to Edinburgh, Scotland, to continue my education, I’ve always had an interest for journalism and writing. Having graduated with distinction from my MA in Comparative Literature, I now work as a travel agent in Glasgow which allows me to pursue my passion for the outdoors.

However next to my outdoor pursuits I am also an avid consumer of popular culture, and I love the ways our media are converging. Because of this passion, I wrote my entire master’s thesis about the converging approach of Marvel Studios to their films and comic books!

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